About Us

What we saw and realized that In the Marketplace, it is considered smart to give less while taking more.


And hence we at Aahar Arogya, we'ar absolutely committed to not follow any such practices and at least give what it is worth for.

we are a manufacturer of organic or cold pressed oil like Groundnut oil, coconut oil and more..

Our Oil Extraction process is 100% adhering to old Indian traditional ways.

The Lakdi Ghana Oil also known as The Cold press Oil

Why Customers Love Us

Eating is a necessity but eating it right way it's a choice...

What we consume? how we consume? and where it comes from? are the questions we need to evaluate.. After all it's our body and we need to be mindful about it.

Hence, our Indian traditional ways are developed just in the right way to keep this balance which we call as Satvik Aahar.

Oil is one such key ingredients of our consumable food and plays a Key role. But still we tend to risk our body by compromising on adulterated & refined oils.

Our dedication and commitment to providing the best products to our customers have made us a people’s favourite. We match our quality with the best prices and ensure our customers have a safe and smooth shopping experience with us.

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